multilingual homepage?

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multilingual homepage?

Unread postby DomS » 21.07.2007 17:04

I think making your homepage multilingual would be an important step to increase popularity/sales.

I have many friends who are into photography, but their English is not that good. They don't even realize that the programme is available in German. And they don't even see the German help section.
I guess this holds true for all the other supported languages as well.

A first step might be to emphasize the multilingual help section. After I gave my friends this link, they could get an impression of what the programme is capable of.

You could also integrate a few country flags into the clean starting page and redirect to the according help files, maybe until there are real translations.

Quick preview I made:

What do you think?

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 23.07.2007 15:29


Thanks this a good idea!

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Unread postby mireille » 26.07.2007 07:56

Hello Dan,

If you need a bit of help for french proofing I woul probably be available from mid-september! :wink:

Nicole Mireille
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