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Multiple text entries

Unread postby gowron35 » 09.07.2007 20:54

Hello all at Helicon
As my suggestion for improvement:

a) I would be happy to be able to add multiple text field into a picture; as an example, an old family photo that would need a name over each person's head.
b) Possibility to add simple lines,

c) A major improvement would be to have better control over the noise profiling, by that I mean 'where on the pic the noise is read from' ! I love neat image for the fact that you can draw your box over that area of the pic where you want the noise profile to be analyzed.
The current noise profiling by HF seems to work globally in the image, as if all the image would have the same noise weight.

Wonderful piece of SW, keep it up, please!!!!

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 11.07.2007 14:53


Multiple texts: the only way so far is to go to Save tab, then Apply more filters and go to Text tab again.

Lines: use Shift-Click to draw line from previous click to the last one.

Noise profiling: Use buttons under sliders or Shift-, Ctrl-, Alt-Click to detect noise in current area or increase/decrease noise reduction for the color you click at.

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Unread postby Ariel » 11.07.2007 19:26

Or use the "erase changes brush" (which, unfortunately, is only in the retouches tab) after applying noise to erase changes to the picture in other areas. There is also a noise reduction brush.

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