CMYK values for skin tone adjustments

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CMYK values for skin tone adjustments

Unread postby redwoodtwig » 04.07.2007 17:30

I'm reading a book called "Skin" by Lee Varis in which he extensively covers how to adjust skin tones using both RGB and CMYK values. For Caucasion skin, for example, the MY values should be close to each other, while the C value should be about 1/4 of them. He also talks about how most people don't really want the actual skin tone they have in the finished product. Sometimes just a personal thing, sometimes a cultural thing.

I'd like to suggest that you include an option to display the CMYK values along with RGB and Hue or Brightness in your equalizers.

I'm still having difficulties working with the color range tool, is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to work with this?

Brandon Smith

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 05.07.2007 20:43


Sorry, there is no tutorial except of the explanation in the help files.
Basically it is very simple operation and gives good results unless you try to make very noticeable changes like changing red for green.

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