When you click Resize

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When you click Resize

Unread postby Ariel » 21.06.2007 04:29

First of all, if you did some retouching prior, there should be a cancel button next to the continue button within the warning window. (Bug: I had clicked the resize button after retouching an raf file, went back without changes, and the program wouldn't let me save (there was some dll error or something like that) until I went back, resized, and retouched.)
Second of all, the program should be able to recognize what parts of the areas were what when retouched even after a crop (even though there are different pixel amounts) and apply appropriate retouching upon going back to that tab.
Third of all, when you make a different selection like "crop only" after a custom resize, the crop area should remain the same, only the pixel amount change. (The user can change the crop if he wishes.) Even if you choose a different proportion, it should modify the proportion, but try to keep the general same crop.

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