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focus stacking median option

Posted: 21.11.2015 13:35
by russellsnr
Hi, did not no where to ask this so hope correct.
In photoshop extend or CC there is a filter under stacking options called MEDIAN filter, if you don't no what it does? basic when you combine images with movement ie people it will automatic remove those from the final image (see it on YouTube). Is there an option within your filter that can do this please? Thank You. Russ

Re: focus stacking median option

Posted: 26.11.2015 19:49
by Stas Yatsenko
Sorry, we do not have such an option. To make it work the program should have at least 3 images, made with equal conditions and different only by moving objects. In focus stacking it just does not work. The object can move during the stacking and even excessive shots will not help.