wxWidgets for Linux and Mac ports...

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wxWidgets for Linux and Mac ports...

Unread postby wiz » 23.01.2005 18:33

There have been several threads on this board with people asking for Linux and Mac ports.

For my own software development, I use a library called wxWidgets (formerly called wxWindows). It's quite powerful, has tabs, sizable frames and splitters, canvases for images, support for all sorts of drawing primitives. It also has wrappers around the native dialogues for Windows, Mac, and PC, so if you just call wxFileOpen(), for example, you'll get the proper opener in whatever OS you're using. There's GNU text internationalization ("PO edit"). It's fast, flexible, and solid. (Actually, judging by the bug in Helicon's equalizer window, its probably more solid than whatever framework you're using now).

wx has a strong following. Hamrick used it for the excellent VueScan program, the most popular scanning software out there.

Have a look.


I usually develop under windows, then reboot in Linux, make clean, and recompile for Linux. Copy the source tree to a friend's Mac, and compile again, if I'm in a generous "Mac supporting" mood.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 23.01.2005 21:12

Thanx, wiz. I will keep it in mind.

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