improvments to RedEye removal needed

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improvments to RedEye removal needed

Unread postby thm82 » 20.01.2005 23:48

Well, your way to kill red eyes is working fine, considering the optical result.

But it only works good if you can see the pupil as a perfect round circle. If the upper or down part of the eye covers the pupil, it becomes pretty hard to lay that grey circle on it exactly.
Know what I mean. When the pupil is not round anymore, the grey gets on the skin, or it doe's not cover every red of the pupil.

But that is a problem that every RedEye remover had I tried so far.
And most the pictures you do not the a really roud pupil, its mostly cutted by the skin over the pupil. Because of this I think there is no really good RedEyeRemoval-Tool out there. On perfekt Pictures they all work well, but if the picture is not that good than they are all really bad.

Perhaps you could make an option to draw a line with the mouse that cuts the circle. Then it would be possible to cut the parts of the circle which lay over skin.

The other way would be to only darken pixels under the grey circle that are red enough. But a filter that does this without errors would not be easy, if not impossible. I know from my image prosessing and computer vision class at university how hard it is.

The rest of heliconfilter is just incredible. No better tool out there to enhance images quickly.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 21.01.2005 11:48

Thanks for the feedback and idea. I will try to figure something out to deal with this problem in the future versions.

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Unread postby BillZM » 16.07.2006 03:18

I'm still finding the red-eye fix to be quite tedious (unless I'm missing something). I can put a large round charcoal pattern over redeye, then a smaller black round pattern inside that; at 100%, there's no way to be perfect and there's some trial and error involved.

This would be vastly improved if it autofilled area within perhaps 1.5EV of cursor, preferrably with charcoal, with a black circle for the middle 1/3 and with a speck of white in the middle of that. I believe Picasa may do something similar if you want to check that out.

I think you could do this based on brightness of area around cursor, although you could also sense for red color (though pet eyes are often green).

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Erase changes brush?

Unread postby lutz » 18.07.2006 08:01

The "not so round eye" problem might be adressed in part by the "erase changes brush".
A more automatic solution would be nicer obviously, but it is workable.

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