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Filter feature suggestion

Posted: 06.09.2014 20:26
by bernynhel
I had been using Clone + Blur for removing dust and fibre from photos however I have discovered that Delete scratches can do the same and much faster and much cleaner. Just writing to say Delete scratches is nothing short of brilliant.

Suggestion - add a circle crop to filter. And if you do, add a feature to allow the circle to be made slightly out of round as manipulated by the user. Attached please find an example of an instance where manipulation of the circle after the crop could be useful. If one could grab and drag the circle in places along the arch to match the item being cropped that would be excellent. Additionally, a variety of backgrounds would be useful, specially white and black. (DPP only offers black and the circle cannot be manipulated out-of-round to fit the subject). Thanks!

- Bill

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Re: Filter feature suggestion

Posted: 06.09.2014 20:45
by jpmccormac
Another suggestion - also posted in the past: Add the ability to shell out to a highlighted folder using Windows Explorer by right clicking on a folder in the folder tree. Lots of software offer this useful feature, e.g., FastStone Image Viewer.

Keep up the good work.

Re: Filter feature suggestion

Posted: 10.09.2014 11:52
by Stas Yatsenko
Ok, thanks for the suggestions.