First Impressions - part 2

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First Impressions - part 2

Unread postby JBPhoto » 16.02.2007 05:19

The comparison windows are very useful and I find the speed okay on an AMD X2 system with 2gig ram, tho some retouch tools slow down. I like the scratches tool and the availability of clone where necessary.
I would like proper colour management implemented as I cannot do accurate colour corrections (the image obviously looks different in HFilter to when it is displayed in PS or my colour-managed iDimager) As it is I cannot really trust my corrections in HF.
As has been mentioned by others being able to zoom in Colour tab would help accurate selections for skintones (we shoot some large groups with many colours and picking the right one from a small image is tricky).

Another for the wishlist would be featherable selections (tho might be outside the box a little for what is not meant to be a pixel editor - but LightZone has it).
Being able to customise the interface a little would be cool (ie tab order) as I usually check noise after exposure and sharpening would be better after resize.
BTW what interpolation method does resize use?

Anyways - thats all I can think of at this stage. Great application and obviously a committment to continual improvement :)

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 16.02.2007 10:11


Thanks for your comments. Be cautious with publishing your email on forums - spammer will eat you alive :)

Color management: this is strange. Helicon Filter uses color profiles from the embedded files and it uses color profile that you set to your monitor. Maybe you use another monitor profile in your PS?

Interpolation: we use Mitchell and Lanczos


Unread postby JBPhoto » 16.02.2007 10:28

oops on the email, wasn't thinking. Want to pull that off for me if you can? I have both photoshop and iDimager setup with the monitor profile generated by calibration hardware, have it reasonably close to output from the Noritsu now. Now I have the sRGB set in HFilter seems a reasonable match there too (we do final corrections on the Noritsu so does not NEED to be exact)

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