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My First Impressions

Unread postby JBPhoto » 16.02.2007 05:18

Hi, I have been trialing HFilter just a few days now (in the last of the quiet time before to rush hits us :) and am very impressed with the functionality this tool could offer us. We own and run a photographic business in Australia and photograph schools, sports, portrait, and commercial (phew) and the nature of much of our work means many images require similar corrections and a smooth, simple workflow. We print all our own work on our Noritsu digital lab.
I find HFilter mostly intuitive (altho some things are not which can trip up a little - note my post regarding batching images) in a few more days I will probably have a handle. It is a much lighter program to load than PS and altho I have not tried it on the laptop I am sure its smaller footprint will make it quite portable.
I prefer its use as a raw converter to the Canon offering, and have never quite got into the raw workflow before (for most work we set accurate exposure and WB and shoot jpg - RAW mainly for tricky lighting or less controllable situations). I am not sure HFilter will work so well for hilight recovery tho as it is converted from RAW before the exposure settings can be applied.
to be continued...

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