Oversensitive control sliders

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Oversensitive control sliders

Unread postby stevelajoie » 22.12.2004 08:27

Its a minor issue I have but I find it very frustration. I use a high screen size '1280' and at full screen the sensitivity of the sliders is very difficult to place accuratly. I am talking about when you hust want addjust the slider by one or two. On the larger screen the movement by mouse is so small it is very hard. Could the controls be enlarged to suit the size of the screen?

A second (and third, but releated) anoyance is when transfering back to PS (I have version HF 1.73 and PS8/CS) is the yes/no dialogue, I did read in the bugs buletin you were going to write a toggle to switch this message off. It does annoy me.

A Third, is after clicking yes to return to PS it changes PS to full screen. So I have to resize my PS again to fit my prefered desktop placeing. This could be as a consiquence of when going into HF from PS as a plugin it goes full screen and in fact is resizing PS at this time, I actually dont mind working HF in full screen but it anoys me I have to resize PS after my opperation.

Otherwise, what a wonderfull filter, it has very quickly become a 'must have' keep up the good work it saves me hours in production, thank you.


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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 24.12.2004 17:11


We are preparing new version now and will try to fix those bugs already in this version. Thanks for feedback

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