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Paul H

Linux Port

Unread postby Paul H » 10.12.2004 14:39

I would definately buy a linux port of Pro, especially one that could be scripted (batch work etc.)



Unread postby viuks » 11.12.2004 20:04

Me too. I never bought any program since using linux, bu this one is worth it. So, I will wait for this ;)

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 11.12.2004 20:34

linux port seems to be almost impossible :)
what about running under emmulator?



Unread postby Proba » 28.12.2004 10:31

Hello friends How are you ?


demo version run under wine.

Unread postby polarbear42 » 28.08.2008 23:36

Just added it to wine's appdb. It's possible to at least run the downloaded demo version under wine, you just need to copy the gdipluss.dll into the helifocus directory. Better if they made a native port, Ariel seems to think that running it after buying a pro license is not possible, but that I don't really know.

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