2 suggestions for H. Filter

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John Lai
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2 suggestions for H. Filter

Unread postby John Lai » 06.01.2007 18:21

1) Saved settings are great, but nowhere is the name of the current Saved Setting displayed. What about showing it in a small tab?

2) What about user created profiles for barrel/pincushion distorsions for a given camera/lens combo?
For example the user can shoot at a grid of lines, measure the distorsion, enter the measurements into H Filter and use that profile to process/batch process images?

Thanks for listening.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 07.01.2007 12:53

1. I do not think we need to show the name of settings. The user opens the settings for the current file so he knows what settings are used now.

2. You can now save several profiles for any tab including distortions tab.
The probem is that the program should choose appropriate profile/settings somehow when it is in the batch mode.
I would not like to make specific solution only for this case, I will think about some universal solution for all tabs.

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