16 Bit Plugin Support

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16 Bit Plugin Support

Unread postby LEROYS » 08.11.2006 10:42

Hello Dan, Very cool that Heliconfilter supports PS plugins, "I am a fan of Powerretouche" But I noticed only 8 bit support with my 16 bit plugins, Are there any plans for full 16 bit support? Thanks Leroy

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 08.11.2006 13:13

Normally Helicon Filter should use 16bit mode if plugin reports support for it. Can I download tria version of this plugin to test? which plugin version do you use?


Unread postby Guest » 09.11.2006 00:21

Thanks For the rely Dan, Powerretouche.com does provide demos for their 16 bit plugins, Leroy

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