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partial application

Unread postby sebrostock » 15.11.2004 17:02

It would be great, if the user could be able to apply the noise reduction filter differently on different areas of the picture. In some of my pictures e.g I have quite noisy skies, but after applying the filter, the water or coastline in the same picture gets really unsharp and actually doesn't need much noise reduction.
Is there something like that planned? Or maybe already in the program and I am just to stupid to use it?



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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 16.11.2004 11:53

Well, you can apply noise reduction differently.
We call it selectiv noise reduction.

First way is to use noise equalizer. You can see the icon near midtone slider. Set higher level for blue colors and lower level for green and "water colors". This is rather quick and dirty method.

Second way is to use color ranges. Right click image (water) and select command "Decrease noise reduction in this color range". You can also enable Noise Map to see noise reduction level for different areas.

I hope this will help :)


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Unread postby Ariel » 19.11.2006 20:44

If the edited area isn't restrained, maybe the blue of the water is too close to the blue of the sky to work.

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