Another Image Selection Request

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Another Image Selection Request

Unread postby georgedingwall » 18.09.2006 20:36

Hi there,

I often do several image sequences and then go to Helicon Focus to process the stacks. At the moment, I create a separate folder for each sequence, as HF does not seem to have an easy way of selecting multiple images or ranges of images.

It would be nice if I could select multiple images, or a range of image files similar to the way you do in windows explorer.

Click on first image in a sequence and then shift + click in the last image in a sequence to select all the images in the sequence.

CTRL + Click on an image then CTRL + Click on another image to select just the images you click on.

Thanks for any help.
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 18.09.2006 21:00

I agree, this is already in our to-do list

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