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Extended watermark

Posted: 19.01.2014 00:20
by amitourlo
It would be nice :
1) in the menu Text: that we can create a text including different fonts or at least to support all the unicodes. For example, I would like to write "Φoto © " with a Phi from Greek language that I copy and paste from notepad but it does not work. It might be also interesting if we could then attribute different colours for different characters of a same text box.
2) if it were possible to save our own created watermark and integrate it quickly for each photography


Re: Extended watermark

Posted: 21.01.2014 12:10
by Stas Yatsenko
1. You can use different code page, but you need to explicitly select it with the icon under font selector. Only one code page and only one color can be used for the whole text.

2. As far as I understand, you want to overlay predefined semitransparent image. This could be done on Frames tab. You need to select your image as artistic frame. You can also save this configuration as a preset to apply it later. You can also save configuration as a default parameters for Frame tab.