Hot Key Request for Focuxs

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Hot Key Request for Focuxs

Unread postby dv » 22.08.2006 03:52

The improved Focus interface is a comparative joy to use.

But I beg for two key-stroke short cuts.

1. Undo Last clone (or edit). Having to use a brush to undo everything adds to the workflow. I generally clone in logical segments (as in photoshop) so I can simply undo the last edit if needed.

2. Hot keys for brush size... right and left arrows, brackets, whatever. It really slows things down to have to mouse to the cursur rather than having hot keys.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 22.08.2006 21:35

Thanks for the comments:

Brush size: You can change it with mouse weel, but we will add short cuts.

Undo: We can do it like in Helicon Filter. Do not want to overload interface so far...

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