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inadvertant image selection and subsequent auto-conversion

Posted: 15.11.2013 06:19
by bernynhel
When I click a RAW (.cr) thumbnail the filter automatically selects it and begins conversion whether or not I want the image converted at that time. I can find no way to stop the conversion and must wait for it to complete nor can I minimize the window and do something else while waiting for completion of the conversion. This happens a LOT, however, if great care is taken to avoid clicking a RAW thumbnail, RAW images may be selected individually or in groups (via left click > scroll down > [hold shift + left click]) and added to the queue where conversion can take place without trapping the user while the conversion is processing. I suggest that conversion should not occur without user selection or at least via prompt. Thanks.

Re: inadvertant image selection and subsequent auto-conversi

Posted: 18.11.2013 11:02
by Stas Yatsenko
I agree, this should be optimized. I think the best solution would be to load/develop RAW file in the background, without blocking user interface.