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RAW File Settings. Multiple Instances

Posted: 13.08.2012 23:45
by jpmccormac
Is it possible to have more than one instance for RAW Conversion settings? For example, I can develop/process a RAW image from Canon (.CR2) with the embedded RAW converter, but if I switch to an Olympus RAW image (ORF) I have to go into Preferences and change to the DCRaw converter and also change the highlights recovery method. It would be nice to save the settings into a named file that could be retrieved from the Preferences (Ctrl-K) quickly. Or, am I missing something that allows multiple RAW processor settings to be used? Thanks as always!

Re: RAW File Settings. Multiple Instances

Posted: 15.08.2012 11:18
by Stas Yatsenko
We plan to rebuild RAW processing module and we will keep your suggestion in mind.