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Brush brightness

Unread postby agiyo » 12.06.2011 18:30

Many times, I would like to darken a texture as I copy from the source to the final image, but the brush-darkening function suppresses highlights.

It would be a great help if the retouching brush brightness could be set to affect shadows or midtones instead of killing highlights as it does now---like Photoshop's burn tool.

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Re: Brush brightness

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 14.06.2011 11:48

Hmm... Everything is possible, the only limitation is the complexity of user interface. The idea behind brightness slider is to manually compensate light differences which are typically exposure shift. As I understand you have overexposed highlights which should be kept overexposed. Please give us sample stack to test (as described at

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