Framing to an aspect ratio...

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Framing to an aspect ratio...

Unread postby danijel00 » 04.05.2006 19:51

I love the new helicon filter... my translation of ui to serbian was near end, but i've seemed to misplace my translated file, and with the new version i would probably have to do everything from the begining, and I simply don't have the time now...

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I see you've included lossless jpeg operations, and that is great. Video playing isn't usefull imho.
i still miss one thing. I like resize, cropping and framing in helicon, but i still lack one feature, that i already requested, but we haven't understood eachother...

namely, i take a picture in 4:3, but i need to make them 3:2 for printing (15:10cm). Now i can use helicon to crop parts of the picture, but, what if I don't want to loose any part of my picture?! Some edition of that jpegcrop offered something like this, it was called the photo frame.
you say i want a 3:2 picture and it adds you a frame around the picture, or just to the right, and makes it the exact ratio you need. The new frame is useable for text etc.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 04.05.2006 22:58

an interesting idea. I would suggest to fill in the empty fields with mirrored image. We do this when rotating the image.

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