A "lite" Helicon Filter Plugin ?

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A "lite" Helicon Filter Plugin ?

Unread postby lutz » 02.05.2006 08:04

Helicon Filter attempts to be both an excellent standalone photo editor as well as an excellent PS-Plugin - and it achieves both of these goals and provides multitudes of editing options. :D

However, one attribute of a good plugin seems to suffer from these many options, the speed (at least on my PC). :?
Plugins have to start up very quickly to get a lot of use because in this situation an application is just one of many tools. To invoke HF as a plugin in other applications requires a little bit of patience. Thus I would like to ask if it would be possible to provide a very stripped down HF version which would be optimized for speed and which could be restricted to the most outstanding parts of the HF package, e.g. the Denoising and the Sharpening filters. If this kind of filter would startup blazingly fast, it would find a lot of friends I would imagine. It would be much more suited for scripted batch-processing .... and of course one could still go back to the full fledged HF for more extensive editing.

Sorry, for whatever reason suggestions like this come into my mind unrequested.

Best regards

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 02.05.2006 09:58

Danke Lutz! :)

To tell the truth I do not want to split HF into many small plugins. It will slow the development as we should support several program instead on only one.

I will let the programmers optimize the start up once more to speed it up.
HF is not a big program so it could start very fast I think.

Keep writing about "unrequested" suggestions :)

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Other Opinions?

Unread postby lutz » 02.05.2006 19:13

Hi Dan,

Of course it would be a considerable extra effort to provide dedicated plugins. Just some thought experiments.
I guess it depends all on how modular such things can be engineered.
The idea of an instantaneously reacting Helicon Denoise plugin and a similarly fast dedicated sharpening plugin is still very appealing to me.
The speed and simplicity might also appeal to others just looking for plugins - there are lots of people who will never leave their photoshop .

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4.26 a lot faster

Unread postby lutz » 14.05.2006 19:56

Just tried HF 4.26
It seems to start a lot faster, indeed.

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