Reset all options except frames and text tab

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Reset all options except frames and text tab

Unread postby marty » 14.01.2006 04:41

I just discovered Helicon Filter, I'm now using version 4.0.3 release 06 trial version, and it's a great program. It does almost everything I need, but not always in the most convenient way.

One suggestion: I want to be able to reset all settings except the frames and text settings. In a series of photos I may change subject, change lighting, change lenses, change perspective, and so on. But I always want the date in the same size in the same position on every picture, and the same kind of frame (or no frame).

So there is this one tab that should have the same settings for every picture, but every other tab should have its settings reset for each picture.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 14.01.2006 10:18


It makes sense and I will think about it. For the time being I would suggest you to save you settings on the frame tab and select them for the next image from the Presets drop down list.


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