A method to quickly reset a slider to zero and...

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A method to quickly reset a slider to zero and...

Unread postby luc0815 » 13.01.2006 05:43

I am just trying out helicon and do like it quite a bit.

1) Something that annoys me with almost every image processing application I have tried is, that I cannot find a way to reset a single slider quickly to zero.
I would wish an option directly at each control which should be easy to trigger with the mouse. I would like to avoid to use the reset for all the filter settings at once.

2) The intuitive user interface gave me the idea that it might be nice to have an on&off switch directly on the tabs for each filter. Than it could be easier to compare the results and run several tests - since there are sooo many different options.

Maybe these features are implemented already and I have not found them already? I am just starting.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 13.01.2006 10:15

You can reset one slider with the right mouse click. The same wokrs for equalizers.

As to checkbox on the tabs - it is a good idea, we will try to implement it.

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Unread postby luc0815 » 26.01.2006 06:30

thanks for the reply.
Yes , the right mouseclick is very convenient.

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