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Filter 3.10.2 suggestions

Unread postby chris » 19.12.2005 16:28

Thank you for Filter 3.10.2, it's wonderful! I appreciate your support of Nikon NEF files, the workflow buttons, and all the features.

Some suggestions:

- When picking a color for my picture frame (or margin or font) , it would be nice to be able to pick a color from the picture instead of the color picker dialog. I would want the selected color to become a custom color in the color picker so I could lighten/darken it if needed.

- It would be nice to have a preview button when picking a frame/margin/font color. That way, I don't have to keep trying the color picker dialog again and again until I get the colors right.

- The tool tips on the 1-5 workflow buttons display the wrong tool tips (e.g. "ALS_TB_STEP4_TT")

- I would be nice to be able to print out the manual.

- There is an error in the "Open new image" dialog box. Line 3 of the text is "%s" (attached)

- When the "Open new image" dialog box is open, the cursor is an hourglass. This is a little confusing, as I think I need to wait for something to happen. I think it would be better to display a regular cursor at that time.

- When creating a high dynamic range image, it would be eaiser to be able to open all the images at once instead of opening each image seperatly

- When creating a high dynamic range image, I can't tell which images I've added to the set. When I have several images I want to combine, sometimes I forget which images I've added and which images I haven't add yet.

- It would be nice if Helicon Filter let you run Helicon Focus on a set of images. That way, I could stay in Filter for the entire workflow. This option would only be available to users that owned Focus (like me :D).

- Have an option not to open the last image when Filter starts. This slows down how long it takes Filter to start, and then I usually close the file anyway to open a new one.

- Add an option to send the image to Photoshop in case I need to use the clone brush or something

Thank you!
Open new image dialog box, note "%s" on third line
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