Incomplete demo and flatening of contrast

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Incomplete demo and flatening of contrast

Unread postby dvine » 20.10.2005 14:43

1) The demo I downloaded doesnt allow me to test the image layer option.

2) My test shots were of flowers in the outdoors, so I may not have provided enough latitude in the program options for movement. Nevertheless, the individual images are very flat in terms of contrast, don't really have the look of the original individual images, and require fairly strong post-merging photoshop adjustments.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 20.10.2005 17:40

As I understand you are talking about Helicon Focus program.

1. Image layer option - I think you mean "opacity maps". We will update the installation tomorrow or on monday and this option will be available for 30 days from first installation.

2. Flat images - I think you are using RAW images. I would suggest you to convert them to TIFF before processing in Helicon Focus. This also speeds up the merging process. I also hope, that the updated version with new RAW libraries will handle colors better.



Unread postby dv » 21.10.2005 05:46

Actually, I was using dng files. One of the advertised advantages to your product is not having to limit yourself to a few file types and preconvert images prior to multi-focusing.

I will give the preconversion to tif a try and look forward to downloading the new demo with enabled masks.

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