Removal of digital sensor "dust"

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Removal of digital sensor "dust"

Unread postby dv » 11.10.2005 14:49

Seems as though artifacts produced on all focus layers of a digital camera image by small dirt particles would be a shoe-in for elimination by a product like Helicon.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 12.10.2005 08:37

We have an algorithm to remove the dust point in Helicon Focus program.

It is a real problem there as the dust point from 20-40 layers is much more apparent then on singular shot.

Another reason not to implement it in Helicon Filter is that the problem is evident only with f16+

The map of this points is also dependent from the current zoom factor, so one have to keep several "dust maps" to correctly clear the dust.


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