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Noise Filter 1.39

Unread postby Juza » 28.04.2004 19:08

I've tested in-depth today the new version NF 1.39...

I've just a few of suggestion:

1.Every time that I start the software the option "show frame" automatically set on "single", even if the previous time I had set it to "double". It would be nice if it remained on the option selected ;-)

2.It would be nice if the option "JPEG quality" could be chosen at the time that I save the image istead of being in the preferences menu; for example an user could want to save a jpeg at 100% as "master file" and the re-save it at 70% for the web(it is already possible, but if the jpeg option were in the save prompt it would be faster).

3. I'd prefer if the image magnification (zoom) does not change when I rotate it.

4. The noise "absolute value" are arbitrary units? If it is so, I'd prefer to have values from 0 to 100 instead of 10-250

Instead, these are the things that I like a lot:

1. It is really faster! The startup, in particular, is much improved compared to the 1.24 version.

2. The automatically detected level is very user friendy... in the help page you say that NF free is consumer oriented and this is surely an option that makes the things simpler for a consumer :-)

3. The absolute value is very welcome for the user that want an higher level of control (I almost always use it)

4. It is great to have the possibility to save as .bmp

5. I really like the idea of making both a "free" and a "pro" version of a software!!! Thank you :-)

6. Last but not least, I'm very satisfied by the image quality -I often use high iso from 800 to 1600 on my D70 and it cleans the photos keeping almost all the detail.

I look forward to test NF pro,

All the best,

Juza - -
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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 28.04.2004 20:30

Thanks for your comments and suggestions, Juza :)

Most of them will be implemented in future version (both free and pro)

I was thinking about removing such features as double window and absolute level. Now I understand I should keep them :)


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