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Forum spam protection

Posted: 07.05.2009 09:21
by DomS
Hi all,

I just got the "you got a new PN" notification e-mail.
It was spam by a user "profilicus".

Then I saw the pages of spam posts on the forum itself.

I have an own small forum running and I am using a little plugin to crosscheck user registrations with the Stop Forum Spam database, which checks for user name, IP address and e-mail address.
Since then, I have about two dodgy registrations a month instead of some a day.

Maybe you want to check that out? :)
I don't know about a phpBB plugin, but there's also an API.

profilicus was already in there...

Posted: 07.05.2009 10:20
by cfranks
I just got the same spam from the same moron "profilicus"

Posted: 07.05.2009 14:13
by Dan Kozub
We've updated visual protection settings. I hope this will stop spammers. Sorry for inconvinience.