Optimization of memory usage

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Optimization of memory usage

Unread postby Carsten » 26.04.2005 22:24

Hello Danylo!

First let me say that I think helicon filter is a great piece of software! Good user interface with intuitive control!

I am evaluating it for use with slides that I scan with Nikon CoolScan. This means I work at very high resolution of 5440x3590.
With my "old" PC which has 2.8GHz and 512MB it is possible to process one individual image in reasonable time (slow but workable). However, when I try to use batch queue, it turns out that Helicon Filter acquires more and more memory for each new picture. As a consequence, starting from second image, PC will start to swap memory to disc and picture loading and saving takes veeeery long.

Is it possible to optimize memory handling, especially for batch processing? If yes, you immediately have one new paying customer :-)

Keep up the good work!

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 27.04.2005 08:47


We usually check for memory leaks but thanks for your report, we will check it once more.

We are now preparing 3.0 version and I hope to publish it in several days.


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