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Unread postby Olof » 30.01.2009 19:14

I am a beginner in using rawconverters. Helicon Filter seems to be easy to start using and by far the easiest to understand compared to the others I tried.
Its a great software!

But as a beginner I wish there was more documentation and easier to find it so I believe an index in “help” and more terms explained would make it easier for beginners.
What is “CIECAM 02 scene compensation” and “embedded raw converter”?
After having tried some of the competition and read some comments in forums I believe a short tutorial about colour, colormanagement and the correct printer settings when using Helicon Filter should be of help.
Also some tips about adjusting the monitor and suitable light sources might help beginers.
The versions table should show multiprocessor support for the pro version and show which functions the trial download have.


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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 04.02.2009 14:12


You comments are welcome. Trial version has the same functionality as the Pro version.

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