Choose between RAW and TIF !?!

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Choose between RAW and TIF !?!

Unread postby JPS » 04.11.2008 16:44

As i only shoot RAW, i tend to process and convert my pics into TIF, which i keep in the same directory, and THEN call Helicon Focus !

Now, if i have a lot of shots in both formats (RAW and TIF) in this same directory, there is no way AFAIK -in Helicon Focus 4.60- to choose ONLY the RAW or the TIFS to appear in the right side list ! I'm forced to valid the first TIF, skip the first RAW, then valid the second TIF, skip the second RAW, and so on...

Would it be a big job to implement a choice somewhere (maybe in the "Preferences" or in the top of the list), with which i could choose between the formats i want HF to use ?


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 20.11.2008 14:17

I would suggest you to store tiffs in the different folder : )
You can also use an option in Helicon Focus local menu (Parameters tab, source list) - "Select every second image"

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