digital image stabilization...

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digital image stabilization...

Unread postby danijel00 » 26.03.2005 23:45

Is it possible to create a digital image stabilization software, for still pictures? I know that there are digital cameras with this feature, but it would be great to have something to work after the image is taken...
It is possible for video files, there are plugins for premiere etc...

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 27.03.2005 11:12

What do you mean with digital stabilization?
If you mean the compensation of so called "motion blur", it is almost imposible to fix it after the shot is taken.

There is a plugin, called Focus Magic if I remember it right, which can fix this.


Unread postby Ariel » 26.10.2006 05:44

Yeah, like the program can detect if there is part of the picture which is fainter yet an exact replica of the real image, and then delete that extra "layer". I think it would be possible and very cool and handy, but I'm no photo-editing-software maker. :wink:

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