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Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 20.09.2011 22:34
by Volkmar
I got a new Camera, an Olympus Xz-1 with I can get great shots anyway.

The .orf RAW-files that come out of the Cam will show up in Adobe conversion fine, but I like to get the native way with the Camera supplied by your native Embedded RAW Converter with the extras, like Use Camera white balance and White balance and exposure as on Thumbnail.

The Camera is the Olympus XZ-1.

It would be very friendly if you could imagine and ad this Camera to your Embedded RAW converter.

Thank you very much for listening.

Yours sincerely


Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 21.09.2011 03:15
by jpmccormac

I have an Olympus XZ-1 also. The .ORF RAW files open fine in my version - Helicon Filter 5.0.21. I set the RAW preference (Ctrl-K) > RAW > DCRAW > White Balance from Camera. Hope this helps.

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 22.09.2011 10:15
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks, we will keep this in mind.

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 26.09.2011 17:18
by Volkmar
Thank you jpmccormac, dcraw helps a lot.
I could get rid of the ugly lens correction that is used in Adobe DNG converter (which is unfortunately used in Camera processing for the jpg's also).
And thanks to dcraw I now have an awesome picture without the unneeded lens correction (because the lens itself is totally awesome and draws very nice) and for my pleasure I have around 180.000 pixels more !!! too. :mrgreen:

Thank you Stas for your support. :D

Now I'm using an additional Canon S70, an old cam with RAW support, and must admit that the colours are right as original with a slight more resolution with the embedded Converter as ooc pics. Very nice.

So I am looking forward to the embedded XZ-1 conversion. The colours may be spot on ... well, will see. :D

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 02.02.2013 23:52
by Volkmar
Hey Guys I may thank you again for your nice work on Helicon Filter. It runs very smooth on Win 8 and I like the raster in the Noise Reduktion level to suppress only the color level that is disturbing. :D

And I love you for supporting the .dng files for Ricoh Cameras in dcraw with the right colors as well.

Happy greetings,

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 05.02.2013 12:02
by Stas Yatsenko

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 02.10.2013 02:46
by x3f
Can you add layers and blend modes like photoshop?
Also, ability to fill a blank layer like photoshop?
I use Sigma and Fuji gear, which is X3F and RAF files.
Your software reads the files! Thanks!!
At the moment, I'm angry that photoshop is now subscription and found your software by way of DP Review forums.
I'm hoping that Helicon Filter V.5 will continue evolving.

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 03.10.2013 12:24
by Stas Yatsenko
We do not want Helicon Filter to overload with layers. This would complicate interface greatly.

If you are processing single image you can apply filters one after another which is equivalent of adjustment layers in PS.

And if you want to combine several image, we have a program which is optimized for this - Helicon Montage (included into Helicon Filter installation).

Your feedback with respect to your PS experience is appreciated!

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 08.02.2015 20:30
by bernynhel
A circle crop tool with choice of background colors - I'm currently stuck with Canon Digital Photo Pro (DPP) which does a quick and easy circle crop but only with black as the background. Just the addition of a white background would be great if limited to making 1 more choice. Additionally, DPP only performs perfect circle crops. It would be really great to have a circle crop that can detect the edge of the subject then grabs the image when close. Even a manual adjustmenmt which allows me to drag the crop in places to fit the objects I am cropping (spheres) when slightly out of round. Thanks!

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 10.02.2015 16:40
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the tip, we will check if we can implement a similar tool.

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 24.02.2015 23:34
by Anthony
I wish that Helicon Filter provided at least 3 times as many control points on the Brightness Management curve and equalizer. I often have 16 bit TIFF micrographs of white microgastropods that have dynamic ranges of 1/4 or less of the entire brightness spectrum. Essentially a middle-gray image with different amounts of gray shadowing representing the shell's sculpture. Thus, I need to "stretch the histogram", or increase the contrast over an initially small dynamic range. The control points in HF are so broadly spaced that the dynamic range of my subjects can be the width of a mere 3 control points, and the subject's brightness midpoint never aligns with a control point, so that my adjustments to the control curve don't pivot around the subject's midpoint. More control points, and/or giving the user the ability to place control points along the Management curve whereever the user chooses would be useful for me.


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Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 26.02.2015 11:36
by Stas Yatsenko
Ok, we will see if we can implement this. More points makes the handling of the curve much more difficult.

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 13.08.2015 12:08
by Medwar
I miss "synthetic" stereopair creation from a single stack, like in Zerene Stacker.
It is a really useful feature for me, not a toy.

I make photos of inclusions in minerals, and the stereo view helps much in recognising the shape of inclusions. Stacks often contain 100+ frames, so a synthetic stereo works great.

I have both Zerene and Helicon, but it would be wonderful if all functions I need were implemented in Helicon. I really like how good Helicon's "depth map" works, I can't get so fast and good results in Zerene.
It is theoretically possible to glue a 2D result photo from Zerene (pyramid, method C) with a photo from Helicon to chose areas without artifacts from each. The same operation is impossible with 3D stereophoto, no matter real or synthetic. If only Helicon Focus included stereopair creation, then I would have all I need in one package.

Thank you for the great stacking sofware!

P.S. Please sorry. I put this post to a wrong thread.
I talk about Helicon Focus, not Filter.

Re: Wish list for Helicon Filter v.5

Posted: 18.08.2015 11:06
by Stas Yatsenko
You can export 3D model to 3D viewer and then export video or stereo pair from there.