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Posted: 13.03.2008 10:54
by Dan Kozub
Yep, I would be happy to control all RAW conversions but it is a vast area and do not want to get into it. We integrated two different raw conversion engines to our program. If you know about other engine available, please let us know.

Posted: 13.03.2008 18:45
by Guest
I would like to see improvements in the levels and curves area. I would prefer to see a levels and and curves implementation like PS. It would be great to also display a floating realtime histogram display similiar to PS. I use your program for CCD astronomy work where users live and breath with levels and curves. Also your zoom functionality only works in certain modules. I would prefer to see it active in all modules. I also don't like the quick save method. I'm sure I don't understand your program very well but I like to be able to save and continue editing with the changes intact. As a longshot I would like to see a layers implementation. All in all I love your program. :)


Navigation whish

Posted: 21.03.2008 02:15
by mgamer
As mentioned in another post. The thing I miss most ist navigation within the picture (eg. to check sharpnes). I miss navigation in "photoshop-style" pressing the space-bar and then draging the picture wiht the mouse.


Posted: 23.03.2008 20:47
by fixfokus
First of all, I enjoy your program very much. It combines easy handling with good results in a perfect manner. Thank you!!!!
What I miss, is a preselected white-balance, like it is used at DPP. There you can choose preselections as "shadow", "sunlight", ...
For me that would be a great improvement.

Posted: 22.04.2008 23:05
by Ariel
I'd like it actually to merge an image browser, image editor, and image stacker into one.
I'd like it to support transparency for doing stuff like adding frames and shadows and using those as web graphics.
I'd like to to look more modern, like Windows Vista or Mac OS X or the Crystal Project in KDE. You know, nearly photorealistic and glass-or-metal-like icons (I may be able to help with that), and transitions (like when opening a photo to edit from the browser maybe it could zoom out to full size over the other images while an editing panel fades over on the left, or when applying effects maybe make the photo flip or fade the effect in). Take a look at Google Picasa or Apple Aperture for examples.
I'd like a Mac version (you're writing it from scratch anyway). A huge portion of the photographer market uses Macs, and the number keeps growing.


Posted: 26.05.2008 06:21
by ralphie_evolt
To the HF team you’ve done a great job with this program!!!

I've been a photography enthusiast since Feb 2007 and been hitting a lot of program that suits my taste.... I've been trying Photoshop, Paint shop pro, Lightzone, and many others. So far I love Photoshop Lightroom but have some limitation even in Lightroom 2 Beta. Then I found HF:

I really like the idea of just brushing the effect I like into the image.

Big Plus of HF than LR:

Frame and I can put easily my name as a watermark there.
Noise Reduction
Local adjustment using brush. I really love it in fact Ligthroom is doing that also.

My wish list:

1. Brightness tab should be name exposure: minimal
2. More familiar curve adjustment will attract more photographers. It scares me first when I saw it
3. I don’t know if the blur brush tool is using the Gaussian blur or not but using Gaussian blur will certainly improve the portrait retouch and the DOF when used in the image instead of using the normal blur
4. The amount of sharpen brush should take its setting from the sharpen Tab settings. I been reading a lot of sharpening techniques and mostly the do now is brushing certain areas of the image they want to sharpen.. That’s the reason why they put the layers mask and brush it in Photoshop.
5. For 3 & 4 I guess needs a separate tool brush each =) :lol:
6. Erase brush, it is possible I can just hit the control or shift or alt key then brush it to erase the effect instead of clicking it back and fort
7. The HF file for the image should be located in the folder not in the cache so when you transfer file or archive it you can easily open it which was also a wish list from the other guys here.

Sorry for the long email but I can’t help my self help this program bring into a different level. Some of the wish list can even be implemented by another version of 4 =)

I love to participate in the upcoming program really please let know how I can.

Lightroom will now be afraid of this program.

Posted: 27.05.2008 17:04
by Dan Kozub
Thanks! : )

White Balance Tool

Posted: 20.08.2008 16:39
by jpmccormac
Sorry if this has been mentioned (I didn't see it and am currently only using the free version) but could the color correction tool have options for specific color temperatures? That is, options to select say, Daylight, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, etc. Thanks.

Posted: 20.11.2008 02:25
by lutz
As I have mentioned before, I believe the Helicon Filter "Local Contrast" tool is a little bit weak. I would welcome a tool whose results are more in line with the Clarify/Clarity tools in PSP, Lightroom. These seem to do something like an unsharp masking with high radius and the LR version does restrict the changes to the medium tonal range, thus avoiding nasty artifacts. The edge sharpening function in Helicon Filter does of course a much better job than the Local Contrast tool.

Posted: 20.11.2008 12:21
by Dan Kozub
Hello Lutz,

Thanks, I will look into this. Basically local contrast and sharpening are very similar, the major differece is the radius for unsharp mask.
I will contact you for help when I need some testing.


Posted: 25.11.2008 04:01
by tombell
I would like to see a croping tool like the one found in Picasa.

Posted: 14.12.2008 19:30
by lutz
Hello Dan,
just saw this site. It has a description of the "Clarity" procedure/algorithm as implemented in lightroom:

Dan Kozub wrote:Hello Lutz,
Thanks, I will look into this. Basically local contrast and sharpening are very similar, the major differece is the radius for unsharp mask.
I will contact you for help when I need some testing.

Posted: 15.12.2008 09:52
by Dan Kozub
Thanks! We will add in the next v5 of Helicon Filter

Posted: 26.01.2009 20:27
by sigma
It is possible to get Sigma SD 14 support in the new version of Helicon Filter.
Tested Your Software under Mandriva Linux with wine-1.1.13-1mdv2009.0 and all runs well but getting only SD 10 file size with 4.6MB.

Posted: 27.01.2009 13:04
by Dan Kozub
We include newest DCRAW and Adobe DNG converter in our new versions. So support for your camera will be added as soon as at least one of these converters is updated to support it. Normally it happens in a couple of months after camera appears on the market.