Error in dcraw call parameters

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Error in dcraw call parameters

Unread postby firexball » 04.09.2007 18:54

Hello, it's me again! :D

I found out, that HF has an error in the parameters at the dcraw call. IF I choose "High precision (slow, AHD interpolation)" in the preferences, HF delivers dcraw the parameter "-q 4". But due to the documentaion of dcraw this parameter should be "-q 3" for AHD interpolation...

So, I wouldn't be firexball :lol: , if I didn't test that. So I developed one RAW file with the different modes of the HF preferences and saved the image as an jpeg.
After that, I did the same with an direct call of dcraw (and the -q values of its dokumentation). So here are the results:

HF AHD : 3,731,451 Bytes size equal to -q3
HF VNG : 3,731,451 Bytes size equal to -q3
HF linear : 3,755,475 Bytes size equal to -q2
HF none : 3,662,829 Bytes size equal to -q1

dcraw -q3 : 3,731,451 Bytes
dcraw -q2 : 3,755,475 Bytes
dcraw -q1 : 3,662,829 Bytes
dcraw -q0 : 3,520,650 Bytes

As you can see, the HF AHD and the HF VNG files do exactly have the same size. I think that dcraw interpretates a value , that is higher than 3, as a 3. So If I choose HF AHD I really get AHD. But the other values are wrong!!

Greetings firexball

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 05.09.2007 16:19

Thanks, will be fixed!

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