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Geotagging does not work

Posted: 13.10.2017 19:11
by openbox
Hi! :)
I've just realized that geotagging does not work on my two PCs anymore :( When I press geotag button, the app shows me error msg and I can not manage the situation (see screenshot attached). I am not sure I do my best changing default system browser from FireFox to MS Edge, then to Chrome, then to MS IE 11, then to FF again... My OS is Windows 10 Pro 32-bit and 64-bit.
What should I really do to make Helicon Filter geotag my photos again? Thanks a lot in advance.
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Re: Geotagging does not work

Posted: 19.10.2017 14:02
by Stas Yatsenko
It looks like Google updated API again and this functionality failed. Sorry, we do not develop Helicon Filter any more, so you will probably need to find some other software for geotagging.