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Deleting a Selection

Posted: 02.01.2017 21:04
by Failte
When I make a selection, then try to delete/remove parts of it the entire selection disappears.

This is not the case for Brightness and Colors which I can selectively delete as required so I assume this may be a bug?

I am using Windows 10 Home (64 bit) on a Chillblast Laptop.

Re: Deleting a Selection

Posted: 03.01.2017 00:32
by Failte
Well - now I can answer my own question. The main Delete option works selectively on areas where the retouching brush has been used to change brightness/color/saturation/cloning etc.

However if a mask is applied using Make Selection, pressing the main Delete option does not work selectively - it deletes the entire mask.

To remove parts of the mask selectively I need to go to Selection Mode and choose Erase Selection (Ctrl+Shift+3).

And all is well!

Doubtless there are good programming reasons for this inconsistency but it would be nice if it could be removed in the fullness of time . . .