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Wersion Helicon Filter hung up after install

Posted: 14.04.2016 19:38
by piotr_kast

When I installed new version and tried run this program from the desctop win 7, program after opening hung-up in difrent situation:
1) when I click plus icon to navigate folders
2) vertical panel of files is not refreshed and see not full pannel with photos, but part this panel and part of randeom screen from other part of program
3) when I manage open correctly file, zoom panel on the bottom of the program doubled and program hungs.

All this prblems dissapeared when... I restart Windows 7 and tried reopen program. The issue is there that installation program not signalized that computer with windows 7 should be restatred after installation, due to refresh some system files needed to work program corectly.

I've managed this problem by my own, but I apriecated to correct this problem with your next update of the program.

The last issue is than program won't close after clicking close button on the upper right corner (stayed open - not any hungs), but when I closed program using File menu - occured issue 3) from above. Then I must kill process HeliconFilter5 (by using kill all processes) to close this program. I checked places where Windows 7 generates reports of the hungs up programs and found nothing (Winows not gerates any report after this types hung up of program).

When I tried working on photo, and open Quick Edit and try hit button Auto, squre where is check mark to confirm operation, now I see white square box.

This version is useless for me, and I turn back to version

Additionally when I tried return to earliewst version, when I tried run program received message from the system: "Helicon Filter internal error!" and message in Polish language:"w magazynie brak miejsca dla wykonania tego polecenia".

Now I must restore whole system from Norton Ghost backup!!!

Re: Wersion Helicon Filter hung up after install

Posted: 15.04.2016 11:34
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for your report. We will check it.

Re: Wersion Helicon Filter hung up after install

Posted: 20.04.2016 23:34
by piotr_kast
Out of curiosity. Had you found any problem with bugs which I described in earlier posts in this thread?

Re: Wersion Helicon Filter hung up after install

Posted: 21.04.2016 10:16
by Stas Yatsenko
As we cannot reproduce the problems we will send you debug version for testing.