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Posted: 20.09.2015 12:42
by stevemcbill
Dear Stas,

I downloaded Helicon Filter last night and installed it this morning on my Advent QC6003 desktop - 6GB RAM, Quad-core Intel Core2 processor running Windows-10.

Firstly, as soon as I started up the program (expecting to be in Trial mode) it displayed a message saying the trial had ended and it would now run in Ad Supported mode with limited functionality. Is this correct or have I done something wrong on the install ??

Secondly, when using the Sharpening tab - if I apply a sharpening to the image it is visibly changed BUT after a few seconds it drops back to the original image and the 'sharpening' seems to disappear. Is this correct or is this due to the 'limited functionality' of the unregistered version ??

Many thanks.

Steve J. McWilliam

Re: 2 Queries

Posted: 22.09.2015 14:50
by Stas Yatsenko
1. Please contact us via

2. Helicon Filter firstly applies sharpening to screen size preview and then updates preview in several seconds when the sharpening is applied to full resolution images. That is why you see the difference. We will try to minimize this effect but we are not sure we can remove it completely.

Re: 2 Queries

Posted: 23.09.2015 10:46
by stevemcbill
Thanks Stas - the explanation is appreciated.

A shame (for me) that when the sharpening is applied to the full resolution image it is a different result to the one shown when it was applied only to the preview image as the effect shown on the preview is EXACTLY what I would be hoping to achieve on the full resolution image. Is it at all possible that Helicon Filter could achieve the same visible result on both versions of the image - if so that would be superb.

Cheers and thanks again.