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Tif files

Posted: 28.08.2015 00:49
by layteruk
Hi Stas,
I think your software is great (I have purchased both Photo Safe and Filter) however I have a slight problem. I convert RAW and save in TIFF in Helicon Filter so that I can then open in third party software for further work (NIK software and / or GIMP) however none of the software can recognise any of the 3 x TIFF formats saved by Helicon Filter. Does Helicon Filter use some unusual save parameter ? Help please.

Many thanks,


Re: Tif files

Posted: 28.08.2015 12:02
by Stas Yatsenko
As we cannot reproduce the problem in the office we need to test your files in our environment. Can you please upload them to our ftp server as described at