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Helicon Focus forces restart when render button is selected

Posted: 01.04.2015 00:01
by susanne
I'm hoping to get far no answers from tech. support. My computer restarts everytime I select the render selection button in Helicon Focus. It used to work when I first purchased the program. I'm running win. 8.1 and have a pentium i7 processor with 16 gb mem. Had win.8.0 when first purchased. All other programs are working on my computer. Is there a fix for this problem.

Thanks, Susanne

Re: Helicon Focus forces restart when render button is selec

Posted: 01.04.2015 12:09
by Stas Yatsenko
We once have similar reports and it turned out that processor heats too much during processing because the cooler was too dusty.
We have never experienced such problems so we will need your help.

1. How much time passes between program launch and shut down? Please make several tries and record the time.

2. Try to disable interenet connection and see if the problem persists.

3. Here is the link to previous version, please check if the same bug is present there:

Thanks in advance for your tests.

Re: Helicon Focus forces restart when render button is selec

Posted: 02.04.2015 15:48
by susanne
My computer sys. is clean and has very little dust. I have a custom built comp. with Intel water cooling system, large case fans, and lots of airflow. Processor is i7-4790k, 16 MB ram, 64 bit OS, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 video card. MB is gigabyte z97x-ud5h-bk. I'm listing this info. because everything is new except the video card. Been using this system for six months with little to no problems. Tests show comp. sys. is in good working condition. I believe I have a software problem.

Did the tests you suggested and the results are: Program is stable until I select one of the rendering buttons: 1. using method (A) 5 sec. to shutdown, method (B) 5 sec. to shutdown and method (C) 1 sec. to shutdown.

Get the same reaction using Lightroom. Hope to find a solution as I love the program and have had excellent results in the past.

Re: Helicon Focus forces restart when render button is selec

Posted: 06.04.2015 11:44
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the details. We will send you a link to slightly newer beta version for tests in private message.

While we are checking from our side, I would appreciate if you test if other events also lead to computer shutdown. Like zooming images, open images, selecting other parameters, etc.