under Vista the RETOUCHING-CLONE BRUSH does not work

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under Vista the RETOUCHING-CLONE BRUSH does not work

Unread postby kfpoley » 06.03.2007 13:21

under Vista I cannot retouch photos using the Clone brush....all other retouching functions eg brightness..colors etc work fine!!
After clicking the Clone brush and moving the cursor(which should then change) over the photo the Helicon funktion bar starts to flicker...and the cursor is not visible (instead of changing to the brush)

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Unread postby Erik » 14.03.2007 11:45

I'm using Vista as well, with the same probs when I installed Vista. Updates, and especially videocard update/driver resolved my problem. Works like a charm now!!!!!

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Unread postby kfpoley » 15.03.2007 00:21

..I just installed the latest Nvidia Beta driver...and now everything works perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unread postby Guest » 13.10.2007 02:20

Some of my retouch brushes do not show the cursor when over the picture. This is a new install on a new tablet PC (HP 2710p) with vista. The PC has internal Intel graphics. What version should I update it to? Windows Update does not show any updates available nor does the HP online update scan for my computer.

The retouching works, I just can't see how big my brush is because the cursor is not there.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 18.10.2007 17:24

Hello Michael,

It is always better to use the latest version from our site.
As you can see similar problems can be solved by updating the video driver.
Do you have the same problem with other programs that use some custom mouse pointers?

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