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Adding Subfolders in 6.1.2 - Changing Methods

Posted: 07.08.2014 20:04
by BKnox22
It seems this has taken a huge step backward in the newest update, and I'm not finding any info on it in the Help menu.

I've found method C works great for processing one folder at a time. However, when I process multiple folders at a time I get completely different results when using method C. Shouldn't the results be exactly the same?

Is this because there is a set Radius and Smoothing for method C when processing multiple folders? Can you update the "Add Subfolders" function to where it was before the latest update? Where we can modify the method one time and it will account for each subfolder.

Sorry for all the questions, but this part of Helicon has changed dramatically in the newest update and has lost the efficiency it had before.

Re: Adding Subfolders in 6.1.2 - Changing Methods

Posted: 08.08.2014 14:52
by Stas Yatsenko
Please contact us via We will send you the latest development version.