Helicon Focus Lite 4.03.1 problem with Olympus RAW

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Helicon Focus Lite 4.03.1 problem with Olympus RAW

Unread postby Anthony » 02.02.2007 21:41

My 4.03.1 Helicon Focus Lite works well when the input files are .jpg, .tiff, and .bmp. But with the .orf files (Olympus RAW) from my SP320, the files import into Helicon Focus as 0.0Mb 160X120 8B/channel images even though the source .orf is 10.2Mb 3072X2304, and according to Olympus Tech support, 12bit. The imported images are minute and pixelated. When 10 .orf files are compiled by Helicon Focus into a .tiff or .jpg the resulting output file is 160X120 at around 56Kb, and heavily pixelated. Is this bug known to you? If the OS matters, my platform is Win2000 Prof. Service Pack 4.

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Unread postby Ariel » 04.02.2007 05:22

Install 4.50. It has more RAW file types. And in the Preferences or during install, make sure you choose to associate the RAW files with Helicon Filter.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 04.02.2007 11:07

We are going to release new version of Helicon Focus in the coming weeks, it will have updated RAW support, the same as Helicon Filter now.



Unread postby Anthony » 08.02.2007 20:10

Thank you Ariel and Dan for the information.

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