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Trojan ?????????

Posted: 27.11.2013 10:01
by Laglue37
I have a big probleme with Helicon filter since I up date my Kaspersky Pure2 to the Pure3
1** It was impossible to use Filter I have only the running Arrow about 5 sec and no thing after

2* The other programms are O.K.

So i try to restore from Helicon soft
I got message "" ... file trojan detect and also erreur signature

What append with Kasperky Pure3
I try also to load with another site
It seem O.K the first time i used it , but at the second try it was exactly the seem Pb.

Excuse my poor scholar English


Re: Trojan ?????????

Posted: 27.11.2013 11:37
by Stas Yatsenko
I am pretty sure it is false alarm. We will publish the new version in a couple of days.

Re: Trojan ?????????

Posted: 29.11.2013 13:58
by Stas Yatsenko
Please contact us via

Re: Trojan ?????????

Posted: 29.11.2013 15:07
by Laglue37
Sorry, but it is impossible to connect on this site from my PC ???

I give you my personnel adress, If you can destroye it after it will be fine.

30/11/2013 you have used my other mail adress so i put this out

I confirm to you

The problem was when i update Kasperky Pure2 to Pure3 at the end of my year of use. Before all was O.K and i have not install or load any thing more