SAVE overwrites in PS plug-in

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SAVE overwrites in PS plug-in

Unread postby user » 19.10.2004 15:52

HNF 1.61 Pro, when using the PS plug-in, there's no option to save the file with a different file name. When using the standalone program it at least writes with an added _hnf to the filename.

This overwriting pretty much wipes out the advantage of a plug-in. Can we have a SAVE AS?

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 20.10.2004 23:01

good question...
Normally you cannot save file from PS plugin, am I write? We wanted to implement default behaviour of the plugin, when saving means returning to the PS.

i will think about it...

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Unread postby darkroomdevil » 28.10.2004 06:25


You are right .... the user can always not save the Photoshop file, or undo through history, or create a new merged layer and run it on that - so as to have the easy option of using only part of the layer, or deleting the layer.


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