funky color shift after RAW conversion

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funky color shift after RAW conversion

Unread postby bernynhel » 22.07.2013 09:44

When loading pics, pics look perfect when I select them, the pic I selected looks good while RAW is converting, then as soon as the RAW window disappears, the main image changes color to this funky green/yellow cast covers the pic changing regular primary yellow to day glow, yum-yum yellow/lime green. Like an 80s fanny pack.

Be nice to be able to generate a bug report from the help menu pulldown that would show you what's happening within the software at the time of some problem. There are problems that do not include the software freezing or shutting down and I could be more helpful with input at those times than I can be when the program crashes without warning and I have no idea why. When that happens and Im prompted for a bug report, I have little to add other than, "program shut down'. Thanks.

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Re: funky color shift after RAW conversion

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 24.07.2013 11:59

We use 3rd party module for exception handling and it only works if some serious problem such as freeze or crash happens.

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