Helicon Remote is not compatible with Android

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Helicon Remote is not compatible with Android

Unread postby skohkonen » 02.03.2013 00:51


I purchased the Helicon Focus Premium version. I chose this version because I wanted the Helicon Remote which is included for my Android. I have a tablet and it is a M9000 which is a 4.0 version. Your site states that “Android version of Helicon Remote is compatible with Android 3.1+ tablets with USB host controller.” Being a 4.0 I assumed it would be compatible, however when I try to download the I keep getting this message:

This app is incompatible with your Unknown KB901.

Unknown KB901

This item is not compatible with your device.

Do you have any updates or suggestions for me. I don’t want to pay for something I can’t use. As it stands I can only use the Remote with my computer which limits me since it’s a tower attached to the wall. I have also sent an email to your support desk with my phone number and order number

Thank you,

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